Collection of Mission Testimonies in Nigeria

In the spirit of Christ’s resurrection, we at St. Rose of Lima unit group, located in Port-harcourt in the southern part of Nigeria, took the joy of Christ to prisoners at the Portharcourt Maximum Prison. We had time to pray, preach and advise the inmates, led by our Coordinator Friar Moses Arung. We also shared […]

I need God

I am not searching for knowledge, I am searching for God! I once, driven by a desire to convert an atheist, began a conversation on the existence of God. He was of my height and age, and a student in one of our tertiary institution. I rolled down all the Thomistic arguments “successfully”. He commented […]

Universal love

Human beings love because God loves them; in fact, this love can extend to the whole world without condition. It is aquestion of divine or superhuman charity: human love empowered and perfected by God’s grace. With this infinite, free andundeserved gift, in time we can cultivate, on the one hand, a contemplative life -affective dimension […]