Amor universal

Human beings love because God loves them; in fact, this love can extend to the whole world without condition. It is aquestion of divine or superhuman charity: human love empowered and perfected by God’s grace. With this infinite, free andundeserved gift, in time we can cultivate, on the one hand, a contemplative life -affective dimension […]

Salamanca Process – definition

During the colonization of America in the sixteenth century, when the friars preachers in Hispaniola (Antonio de Montesinos, Pedro de Cordoba, Bartolomé de las Casas, and others) realized that the dignity and rights of the indigenous people were being disrespected and violated, their preaching against these practices was not easily accepted by those in power, […]

Prayer: What is there in your tree?

This prayer was prepared by MJD Spain during the meeting: “Gender equality, a reality in our Church? We suggest you do it with your group. Duration: approximately 60 minutes Preparation: * At the entrance, each participant id given a small pot with soil, as well as some small pieces of paper where they can write […]

Iniciativa del Carisma Dominicano

Evolved from “Futuring Dominican Charism for Mission: Sisters and Lay Partners Together” How do we pass on the Dominican charism at this critical moment in our history? How do we create new, relevant expressions of the Dominican charism to ensure its ongoing vitality through the formationof the present and future generations of sisters and lay […]

Psychology of youth

Due to the difficulty of addressing the fact as a general matter, in which the different cultural and social aspects play a major role, it is necessary to define how we are approaching this issue from the point of view of current European development, although to be based on generalities certainly valid for all countries, […]

De “hacer cosas para los demás” a “vivir la vida como misión”

Un artículo deLola Arrieta, publicado en Frontera Hegian nº 56 1-Entender y vivir la vida como misión Misión en Yaounde, Camerún Se trata de vivir la “vida como misión”. Mucho más que de “hacer cosas por otros”. Entender la vida como misión y vivirla así es una actitud absolutamente teologal. Vivir la ‘vida como misión’ […]

Semblanza espiritual de Santo Domingo

There was a very constant equality of spirit in him, unless he was moved by compassion and mercy. And as the cheerful heart gladdens the countenance, the serene balance of the inner man appeared outward in the manifestation of his goodness and in the placidity of his face. He held such firmness of mind in […]

The voice of youth in the Church

Youth Synod Youth Synod Pope Francis, in his line of opening the doors of the Church and announcing the Gospel of Joy to the whole world, has convoked the Synod of Bishops with the theme: “Young people, faith and vocational discernment“. On January 13, 2017, a preparatory document for the XV Ordinary General Assembly of […]

The holiness of Dominic, a light for the Order of Preachers

Dearest brothers and sisters, religious and lay members of the Order of Preachers, On the 6th August 2021, we will celebrate the eight hundredth anniversary of Saint Dominic’s dies natalis, recounted by Humbert of Romans in these words: “He said to them: ‘Here, dearest brethren, is what I bequeath to you as sons, as to […]

Colección de testimonios de misiones en Nigeria

In the spirit of Christ’s resurrection, we at St. Rose of Lima unit group, located in Port-harcourt in the southern part of Nigeria, took the joy of Christ to prisoners at the Portharcourt Maximum Prison. We had time to pray, preach and advise the inmates, led by our Coordinator Friar Moses Arung. We also shared […]