International Commission

The Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM) was born in 1993 when fr. Timothy Radcliffe was Master of the Order. It was founded with the spirit to be the community of communities of Dominican youth, gathering youth preachers willing to announce the Gospel to other youth following St Dominic’s path, but adapting to the reality and context in which each group is present.

At the international level there is the Dominican Youth Movement Council (IDYM-MJDI), in which we are represented by each of the five regions: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Europe and United States-Canada.

The International Council has the mission of promoting and strengthening communion and participation among the Youth Movements, in order to achieve a more effective preaching of the Gospel in accordance with the signs of the times.

In each country there are national coordinators who, together with their councils, group together the different provinces, vice-provinces and vicariates, whose main objective is to live in communion and participation with the Dominican Family in different ways, in dialogue and sharing permanently with the culture of each country or region, with the desire to dedicate ourselves to preaching through the spirituality and charism of the Order of Preachers. (Cfr. Statutes IDYM-MJD 2017,Preamble)



Cristina Expósito de Vicente

Promotor of Formation

Madelen Jaimes HURTADO

Promotor of Mission

Humberto Jesús Rico Camacho

Promotor of Communications


Promotor of Finance

fr. Cristóbal Torres Iglesias

General Promoter for the Laity

Commission elected at the General Assembly in Toulouse 2016
Name Rol Country
Elijor Benjamin Rodil Coordinator Philippines
Mónica Marco Promoter of Communications España
Dimitri Díaz Promoter of Mission Guatemala
Agyver Yvonne Sawunyama Promoter of Finance Zimbabwe
Nicolás Ferrada Promoter of Formation Chile