Venezuela: marches on January 23

Juan Guadó, head of the Venezuelan Parliament, proclaims himself president of the country.

EP, of the MJD Venezuela, tells us about the marches called for this day, his first-hand experience.

A lot of us have taken to the streets. I was in town for a while.There is no transport we spent most of the day withoutelectricity. Many people took to the streets all with the samedesire that Venezuela be free again, although withrepression, threats and violence they wanted to take us outof the rallies we stood firm. In the main cities there havebeen injuries to the best of my knowledge because withoutenergy we are cut off from all communication. The light ofChrist that shines in the darkness will put an end to thedarkness that has rested on our nation.

Thank you brothers for your prayers it is not easy all that we are going through every day more and more dead because ofthe high cost of living and the lack of medicine now Venezuelans who have left the country are also victims in othercountries just because they are Venezuelans. We are in the hands of God and this nation consecrated to the BlessedSacrament will not allow itself to be defeated, as our hymn “Gloria al bravo pueblo” (Glory to the brave people) says. Godblesses Venezuela God helps us in this struggle. Even if we feel tired, we will reach the freedom that was stolen from us.

It is regrettable that blood continues to be shed for the ambition of power of a few, but the light always shines we still lackthe support of the military, but today rivers of people have filled the streets of the country clamoring for freedom and we donot lose hope of once again being the free and prosperous Venezuela that opened the doors to many.

One day later he tells us the sad news that if they were killed by the attack of the military against civilians, let us pray forthem and their families.

DYM Venezuela