The International Commission : what's?

Can you present yourself in a few words?

Andrés : My name is Andrés Rivera, and I come from Juárez, México. I am 27 years old and I am an electrical engineer. I have been with IDYM for 7 years and it is the first time that I have taken part in an International Commission. I am specifically in charge of formation. In México, I am involved in a movement for Justice and Peace in connection with the local church.

Jorge : I am Jorge Lagos Passache, from Santiago, Chile. I am 32 years old and I am an actor. I have been with this movement for 8 years now, and this is the first time I am attending the International Commission. I am the National Coordinator for IDYM in Chile.

Kevin : I am Kevin Sullivan and I live in Wisconsin of the USA. I am 24 years old. I work with people with disabilities and am responsible for religious education for high school aged youth at a parish. This is my third year in IDYM and my first International Commission. In the Dominican Young Adults USA (MJD), I am a member of the group that is focused on training and formation.


Can you tell us more about the role of the representative of young people in the International Commission of IDYM?

We try to develop the movement, by answering questions of groups from all over the world, promoting the creation of new groups where there are none... We try to collect all the information we can on the groups from different countries and promote communication: we mostly try to develop relationships between countries and between young people and the Order.

What were the main questions addressed during the Commission?

We were able to meet different socii of the Order: Brother Cletus, socius for Africa; Brother Javier, socius for Latin and Central America; and Brother Prakash, socius for the Apostolic Life. With them we discussed the situation of IDYM across the world and tried to realize some common threads (situations or challenges) amongst the different groups. We mainly tried to reflect on the goals of the movement: how to keep the focus on Preaching, on the training and formation of members and on the ways we can foster connections among groups.

We also tried to better understand what a “movement” means. At the beginning, we tried to define it... but we then realized that a movement, in essence, can not be ’’defined’’. Groups live different realities, whether they are in Africa, Asia, in Europe or in America...Yet, each of those realities contributes to the shaping of the movement. The Master of the Order comforted us in that fact. “Defining” means setting limits, frontiers that the movement does not have. The Commission meeting also allowed us to meet Sister Ginevra, the new Executive Secretary of the movement and it was a real pleasure to get to work with and meet her.

This week, you indeed could talk with the Master of the Order, Brother Bruno Cadoré, and you presented the movement to him. I think that it was a highlight of this Commission. What have you learned?

Jorge: First, he reminded us of our primary objective: the proclamation of the Gospel! He also insisted on the importance of personal prayer, and mostly on the idea to pray for others, without only thinking of yourself.

He also emphasized the idea that to proclaim the Good News, requires a close relationship with others. This is a good thing for an International Commission like ours!

IDYM is a member of the Dominican Family; this means that it tries to follow the charism of Saint Dominic de Guzman, who in the 13th Century founded the Order of the Preachers. What about Saint Dominic has inspired you?

Jorge: What inspired me about Saint Dominic is the attention he gives to the others who are in necessity; his love for God and for people. For me, it is a real testimony.

The charism of Saint Dominic seems to be more alive than ever. He would preach for men that didn’t know God or who had a false image of Him. Today it is still a common situation. For whoever wants to proclaim the Gospel, the charism of Saint Dominic is still a reality.

Saint Dominic met people where they were in life and so he can really inspire the youth of today who want to proclaim the Gospel. He preached God through his very life and insisted on the importance of study and prayer. As young Dominicans we are called to follow this example.

A last word for the young people of IDYM?

I am happy that you found the website of IDYM and I hope that the International Commission will be able to help you and your local group. Without local action, there is no reason to have an International Organization. Please let us know how we can help you!

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