Did you ever happen to have an intuition and realize some time later  that others, at the end of the world have had the same intuition? Did you feel the joy of seeing your dream shared by others in the same common impulse? That is what happened to the first young people who gave birth to IDYM.

     It was in the nineties. In Ireland, Spain, England, Malta, Italy, in the USA, in Portugal, Germany or in Poland, France ,Slovakia, Czech Republic, informal groups of young people surged, linked with the Dominican charisma. In 1993, they found out that their own initiative wasn’t isolated: in other parts of the world, other young people wished to know Christ and to make Him known, by living, according to St Dominic’s spirit.

They met then for the first time at Newbridge in Ireland. In 1995, a delegation of this youth was received in Rome , at the General Curia of the preaching brethren. The Master of the Order, Timothy Radcliffe, invited them to value these first experiences and to think of their future. It was the beginning  of the Dominican Youth Movement ( IDYM International Dominican Youth Movement)

  Today IDYM is present in many countries. Since 1998 the General Chapter of Dominican friars has officially recognized it as a member of the Dominican Family. From St Sabine Convent in Rome, an international secretary is responsible for the coordination and promotion of the movement. IDYM is supported by DSI (Dominican  International Sisters ),that helps on different levels.

It gathers students or professional workers who wish to share and live with the Order  St Dominic’s preaching mission.









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