The IDYM is a Movement of Groups of young people who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in the way of St. Dominic. Their mission, as members of the Dominican family, is preaching, especially to young people.
We are a Dominican movement, made up of groups formed mostly of young lay people. We try to live our mission inside the Dominican Family.
In many nations and in every continent, the Dominican Youth Movement offers a different way to find and live the Gospel.

We are different in the way we belong to the movement, but we all value the Dominican Lifestyle. We try to keep Jesus Christ at the centre of our lives.
Prayer, study, community life and preaching are the pillars of our lives.

In response to the desire to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all the men and women of the world, we try to use all the means and opportunities to preach God's Word. Hospitality, mercy, friendship, the search for the truth through study and prayer, dialogue, service to others and our living together according to the values of the Gospel define our groups and are our method of preaching. We trust in the aid of the Holy Spirit and our faith compels us to create a world of justice, created out of faith hope and love.

We want to bring a fresh, vital and vigorous presence to the Order and to share in their history, tradition and legacy. With the spirit of St. Dominic, we look to the future full of hope and happiness as we try to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in our own lives.
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