Reflection on the Visitation to the Amityville Motherhouse  by our young College Preachers. 

It was a day to remember. The National College “Preaching in Action” Conference held through Molloy College hospitality in the week of May 23-25, 2017 visited the Dominican Sisters’  Motherhouse in Amityville, NY on Friday, May 26. A day to  remember, indeed! 

06. Reflection on visitation 2

Several of the group took it upon themselves to socialize with the home-bound elderly Sisters. The “sharing” covered many aspects of living, of living spiritually and materially. There also was an agricultural interest shared with those interested in crops,  harvesting and distribution of

goods. The exchange between the elderly Sisterhood and the youth of America has brought growth and development to all those who participated. Come again students. We love to be “hostess.” 

06. Reflection on visitation 3

We indeed were blessed to see and feel your potentiality in a world that surely needs your healthy approaches to life and  morality. Come again, we thoroughly enjoyed your sharing and have “grown,” thanks to the infusion of young ideas and  challenges. Go your way, blessed youth of America. Continue to sow your very positive seeds in a time that seeks positivism. 

06. Reflection on visitation 4

We learned a lot about the potentiality of decent American youth. May God’s blessing be upon the youth of America! It was our pleasure to share action and re-action with you! Daily existence never stands still and your eagerness to explore all levels of life and living, as well as, all aspects of reflection on our current society.

06. Reflection on visitation 1

By Sister Anne Toomey, OP

Amityville Dominican Sister 

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