I felt that something burned inside me, that I needed to share.

Dimitri Díaz.

Mission Promoter. International Dominican Youth Movement

When I was 14, there were things I could not understand… why youth would leave a halfway reality, with no commitment, and avoiding injustice.

Since these early stages I seeked that the youth would change this perspective of life… their life. That was my mission, or at least I interpreted it that way.

For seven years, Dominican friars of my parish shared with me their wisdom and experience. And through that I also fell in love with Jesus.

I felt that something burned inside me, that I needed to share. I began to teach confirmation catechism and, with that, I met not only apathic youth towards injustice, corruption, but also mad towards Jesus. I can’t generalize, of course, but I was worried (and will always be) for those youths that didn’t find a friend in Jesus… their friend.

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During the years I taught catechism I also found great people, among the many Dominican Sisters of several Congregations. I didn’t really understand what they did, how they lived, but I was curious about what I heard of them. So, I gave myself the task of getting to know them. But not only during our meetings, but sharing their communities, families, frustrations, and dreams. And of course, I found other worlds, other latitudes, other defeats.

In the Dominican Sister’s missions, any Congregation, you always find a lot of Young people. Youth that also see the world in a different way. That’s why, without doubt, I started with the dynamic of meeting young people I met through this Dominican world.

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I’ve met a lot of Dominican youth, also from other congregations, catholic and from other religions, believers and non-believers, and I seek in all of them, in order to be able to share what I felt in that first moment when I met Jesus.

In this moment, I’m on my way to a meeting with very special people who are fighting for justice and peace in the world, and even when it’s very complicated to work these two topics out, we youth should not rest until finding that social injustice and peace become realities in our countries, neighborhoods, and families.

That has been my mission, a mission that never ends, and yes, as our mother Mary said at some point, and her mission never had limits. Let us find the yes of Mary in the mission of each of us and let it be incarnated in our lives.

Today, October 1st, dedicated to our Lady of the Rosary in her month, we begin out Missionary October, an October where we, Dominican youth, recall and live our missions in a very special way.

I end with a quote from our father Pope Francis who finds in mission this idea “Mission inspires a spirituality of permanent exodus, pilgrimage and exile”. So, Dominican youth, lets walk together for a better world.

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Your brother in preaching,

Dimitri Díaz Vidal

Mission Promoter and Member of the Dominicans for Justice and Peace

International Dominican Youth Movement

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