The Dominican Youth Movement of Trinidad and Tobago (DYMTT) celebrated mission month by hosting a retreat for teenagers of St. Dominic’s Children’s Home. It was held on Sunday 16th October, 2016 and was delivered to fifteen (15) participants. The theme of the retreat was ‘Seek the Truth, Speak the Truth’. The purpose was to help the youth reflect on the value of truth in their life.

The retreat began with Lectio Divina using the Sunday gospel. The parable of the judge and the widow (Luke 18:1-8) allowed for reflection on the importance of perseverance and seeking truth in prayer.

The second activity was a presentation on the Truth in Social Media. Its potential dangers and falsehoods were examined. It was an interactive session whereby real life examples were used to demonstrate the need for caution when using social media.

Next, a mandala activity was done. Mandala designs and colouring materials were given to participants. They were encouraged to colour the mandala drawing while reflecting on the retreat’s theme. At the end each mandala was presented to the group and a bit was said about what colours were chosen and how they felt during the activity.

The retreat portion finished and the group headed into mass to celebrate the Eucharist together. Overall, the retreat was well received by the youth present. Feedback identified the talk on Social Media as the most memorable part of the day. The mandala activity was described as reflective and relaxing. One person said while doing it she felt like she was ‘in a world by myself with God’. Many participants wanted additional retreats in the future. DYMTT will continue to work with this vulnerable and underserved group to help them develop their relationship with God.

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