The Last year was very busy for our community, in particular we did various activities, many of which have been consolidated in those years already. We use the charity works to grow as a group, to strengthen our personal relationship and especially to be active Christians, and transform in this way our formation meetings in concrete works. 


The first mission, which we undertook in October 2015, was the fundraising and food collection for Sister Bianca, an Italian nun, who was transferred in Romania, near the ukrainian border, after many years of service in Bolzano, to performs service in a convent, that needs help for hospitality, education and care giving to children. At the end of the collection, we have loaded on a truck all the non-perishable food, some furnishings, clothes and other helpful objects. The collected money, instead, was deposited on the sister’s account, to help her with the payment of bills, teachers and perishable food. The food collection and the direct transport, with the thanksgiving photos of Sister Bianca near the arrived truck, helps a lot parishioner’s  confidence about donation.


Both in Christmas time and in spring time, we organized a seasonal market to sustain the expenses of our youth center. Through the sale of used object, donated by parishioners during the year, furnishings, created for the occasion, a food bank, and homemade cakes and biscuits, we collected the necessary fund to pay partially bills, helping in this way to support the youth center.


In the sommer time we planned sommer camps for children of the elementary school and guys of the middle school. Our sommer camps combine prayer moments with playtimes, letting children grow in faith and placing daily objectives about personal progress. Moreover, entrusting cleaning services of the house in which we live during those weeks to the children, we attempt them to develop a sense of responsibility about service.

The last mission was at the beginning of September: the parishes feast. This celebration has quadruple goal: let know the youth center to external people, inaugurate the new pastoral year, improve the collaboration between parishioners groups and at least also to earn anything to support the youth center and finance its missions. The celebration was divided into 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday, and was structured to permit a gladdened dinner enlivened by different musical groups. The outdoors Holy Mass on Saturday was the culmination of the feast and is strengthened by a gospel choir that helped the pray with fascinating songs. On Sunday, instead, that represent the youth’s day, takes place the soaped soccer tournament, with which we tried to let know the parish reality to many young strangers to the parish. The celebration ended with the concert of some local parishioners choirs and the lottery draw. 

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