The youth group of the parish Madonna delle Rose was born in Turin, in the 90s, in order to meet the demands of the community to organize and manage activities for children and teenagers.

For this reason during the pastoral year, in addition to training sessions with Father Didier Baccianti, last year, and Father Mario Mazzoleni, this year, to spiritual retreats in special times of the year, of course considered essential to continue in spiritual growth, the youth group is responsible for organizing the start and conclusion of the pastoral year celebrations, the celebration of Carnival, the Summer center and summer camp for middle school boys, care for the children's catechism and after confirmation groups with the activities connected with them.

Last year, even with children and young, we tried to deepen the knowledge of the Dominican Order in the occasion of the Jubilee visiting also the Convent of Bologna, supporting the Order in service activities for the Parish during the year, such as the choir for the Christmas Novena, the week of spiritual exercises during Lent and participation in the day of food Collection.

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