Last 12th of July, the young adults from the Dominican Youth Movement started their pilgrimage from Madrid to Toulouse (France), where their International Meeting will be held.

They have begun this trip to get to know the places in which Saint Dominic of Guzman spent time during their life, on the occasion of the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the confirmation of the foundation of the Order, December the 22nd, 1216, by Pope Honorius III.

The first place to visit has been the “Real Convento de Santo Domingo” of the Dominican nuns and the Cave of Saint Dominic, in Segovia, a chapel where Dominic revive the Passion of the Lord and where the group has prayed for a successful pilgrimage.

The history of the Dominican Order remembers with deep meaning the gesture of its founder in Palencia. “I do not want to study dead skins, while people are dying of hunger’. This is why, before resting in Caleruega, visited the Convent of “San Mateo” and the Foundation “San Martín” with the company of Fr Luis Miguel García, OP.

The second day started in the place where it all begun, surrounded by walls and wheat fields. Caleruega woke up these 14 young pilgrims coming from Guatemala, Paraguay, Venezuela and different cities in Spain in order to visit the “Real Convento de Santo Domingo” of Caleruega and the well where the Saint was born. They also stopped in the village of Gumiel de Izan, a place where Saint Dominic studied with his uncle Gonzalo and arrived to the Benedictine Abbey of “Santo Domingo de Silos”, where Juana de Aza, Dominic’s mother, went to find help to understand his dream: the dog with the burning torch in his mouth. This closed the cycle of Dominic’s childhood.

The brotherhood got stronger and the paths opened to continue their pilgrimage heading to Burgo de Osma, where, as a Canon Regular, Dominic started his journey during which he gets to know the situation at the time that takes him to begin his ideals of founding the Order of Preachers in Southern France. That is where the travelling group arrived after spending the night in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, where they prayed to Mary, Mother of us all, to bless the International Meeting, the Krakow WYD and the different places around the world where the Order of Preachers has its mission.

Humberto Rico (MJD Venezuela)

Peregrinación MJD España al encuentro del IDYM en Toulouse

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