Report of the annual meeting of the International Commission of IDYM - 2015

After a year of frequent online meetings, the International Commission of IDYM (Dani, José Alberto, Leonardo, Lyamar, Sean and fr Rui) gathered again at Santa Sabina, Rome. Since our last meeting in Rome, time has passed, some goals have been achieved, others are yet to be achieved but we are fully aware of what lies ahead of us. Largely, it has been a year of learning for us but we have also managed to get some things done while gearing up to do more next year.

One of our main tasks for which the entire Order is also preparing is the programme of activities for the Jubilee of the Order in 2016. For the celebration, we plan to have series of activities together. Our final proposal which we hope will not undergo any further changes is as follows:

International Meeting: This will take place in Toulouse (France) from 14 to 17 July 2016. This is the place where the Order was founded and where it took its first missionary steps. We want to use the Jubilee to return to the basics and build momentum for the future. We invite you all to start preparing for this meeting. It promises to be a defining moment for us.

International Assembly: This will immediately follow the international meeting until 21 July at the same venue.

World Youth Day 2016: This will take place from 26 to 31 July 2016 at Krakow, Poland. We are currently working with those on the ground there to develop a suitable unique programme that will allow us to celebrate this gathering of young Catholics as a Dominican family. We are still working on the programme, it will be disseminated as soon as it is ready.

In the other part of the meeting, we reviewed what we have done in our respective offices and also in our contacts with different groups in different countries.


Our mission work has been intense and not always easy. After several attempts to prepare an international mission work for the movement without much success, we have managed to prepare a mission experience for next year. This will be in July in Paraguay and it is open to participants from different countries. We will continue to work to strengthen our mission areas in all countries and try to develop more joint mission works at different levels. We will continue to devote the month of October to mission.


We ask you to help us by sending us your mission experiences and/or national voluntary activities and any other activities you are undertaking. Do make use of any of our communication channels to share with us and other movements in other countries. We have “Whatsapp” groups according to geographical areas and languages. We will further strengthen our team of translators and we invite you to participate.


In the area of formation, we have come a long way and its slowing bearing fruits. We have already published some formation themes and we will continue to publish more, even more interesting ones. We have almost finished working on the proposed Formation programme. Thanks to DOMUNI for offering its platform and its contents and making them available to individual members and groups of the movement in different places and languages.

Regional Integration

Concerning the question that was raised at the last Assembly at Bogota about development at regional levels, we recall the steps that have been taken in Africa with the meeting held in Nigeria. Now, our desire is to support and strengthen their work. We are preparing for a regional meeting in Latin America for next year and we are also looking forward to Asia and Europe afterwards.


We have made some advancement in the development of a guideline for the Advisor of the movement which will comprise; friars, sisters and laity. This was one of the concerns raised at the last Assembly. The roles and function of the consultants still needs to be properly defined considering past experiences. We hope to come up with something before next summer.

Lay Fraternities

We are making moves to have greater collaborations with the lay fraternities for better mutual understanding. It will be helpful for both groups (youth movements and lay fraternities) to meet occasionally by inviting each other to local meetings and activities.

Meetings with the Curia

Firstly, we want to thank our host, fr Bruno Cadoré who grants us the opportunity to meet at the convent of Santa Sabina. This is certainly a great help to our work in the International Commission. Our stay at the convent affords us the opportunity to meet with the friars who are working in the Curia and during many spontaneous conversations, we get a better understanding of the Order and its diversities in different parts of the world. This year, we also had the opportunity to share with fr Bruno and we took that advantage to have a “Thanksgiving” dinner with him since Sean and Lyamar who are from the US are with us. During our meeting with him, we explained our work and some of the difficulties we are encountering. After listening to us, he advised us and shared some practical ideas with us. Once again we thank him for his confidence and support for young people in the Order.

We also had the opportunity to meet with Sr Marie Therese Clement, the International Coordinator of the Dominican Sisters International. It was a fraternal discussion which helped us to understand better the operations of DSI and discover some areas of future collaborations. In our discussion with fr Michael Deeb (the Delegate of the Order to the UN and the General Promoter for Justice and Peace), he explained his duties as delegate and promoter and the various ways the youths of the Order can get involved in the issues of Justice and Peace. We thank Sr Celestina Veloso Freitas (Promoter for Justice and Peace for DSI) for allowing us to use her work space for our meetings. Finally, we thank fr Gustavo Gutiérrez for the time we shared with him. This was a once in a life time opportunity, one you can only get spontaneously in a place like Santa Sabina.

As we conclude this year’s meeting, we ask for your prayers for all youth groups in the Order and for the International Commission so that we may take the appropriate steps to continue to transmit Jesus message of love in our present daily reality.

(15 December 2014)

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