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Hello, May name is Irene, I am 50 years old I invite you to hear a "brutal" music: Hasta luego, Maître Gimes

The true is that I also grew up in a neighborhood more or less so difficult, but we were /are  good neighbors and good friends. In my area there are many Catholics, but few goes to the Mass; In my family, we are all baptized, but only I go to the Church. I grew up in the Faith with The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, with the Youth Without Borders group; with the teams of Youth of Our Lady; with the Neocatechumenal Way, I participated in several Missionaries Weeks and in some World Youth Encounters (4). I fell in love with Jesus and wanted to Bring the Gospel of Joy to the whole world.

04. Day Feast of our father St Dominic 2017 2

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Collection of Mission Testimonies in Nigeria

This is a collection of mission activities carried out in the various unit groups in Nigeria. Each page represents a unit group’s mission project. Please note, most of the facilities do not allow pictures to be taken with the inmates/children.

34. Mission Nigeria 1

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VTS // Voluntariado Teresa de Saldanha

(Irmãs Dominicanas de Santa Catarina de Sena) - Portugal

VTS “Voluntariado Teresa de Saldanha” has been part of my life since 2016. Normally, when a person joins the group is because someone invites him/her. In my case, I made myself invited and asked the volunteers if I could start participating in their meetings. I admit, it was a little bit of a crazy decision! I was already committed with other groups and had responsibilities but when I participated in a weekend in Fátima, Saint Catherine of Siena’s Dominican Sisters jubilee, I could not ignore the joy. Teresa de Saldanha used to say “There is no greater joy than being entirely of God”. And I really felt it. That joy of living their lives as a gift, of being for the others, that congregates everyone: sisters, priests, volunteers, friends as a family. That joy that comes from Jesus.

22. Dominismissio Ana - Portugal- Jubileu da Fundadora

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“Just when the caterpillar thought that the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Dominican Sisters of Peace Mission Experience by Sister Mary Voung, OP

I use this phrase in my email signature because in my own work as an occupational therapist, I get to be part of such amazing transformations every day. As a Dominican Sister of Peace, I use my skills and God’s help to help people regain mobility, build their strength, and reach for their full potential.

21. Just when the caterpillar Mary Vuong Image 1

Sr. Mary Vuong, OP, (kneeling, in pink) and Duranda, a young Jamaican AIDS patient, share a high-five after a session of physical therapy.

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Reflection on the Visitation to the Amityville Motherhouse  by our young College Preachers. 

It was a day to remember. The National College “Preaching in Action” Conference held through Molloy College hospitality in the week of May 23-25, 2017 visited the Dominican Sisters’  Motherhouse in Amityville, NY on Friday, May 26. A day to  remember, indeed! 

06. Reflection on visitation 2

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The Challenge and Joy of Shared Life

Gloria Marquez Morte

Misionera Dominica del Rosario

“If you want to follow Me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me…”

Indeed, to offer one´s life is to render it available to what lies ahead of our “Yes” to the Lord and the sisters who live with us.

It was a long trip to Peru, South America it took around 32 hours travel for me to reach my new missionary assignment. But, before going to Peru, I knew that there´ll be an intensive 15-day leadership training, I was to attend for 2 consecutive summer (month of February) and my Castellano was not really that good. I do understand what they are talking about but it was difficult for me to communicate given my new learning of the language . . .  each time I spoke, I was not sure if they understood me at all.

 17. The challenge of joy 2

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I felt that something burned inside me, that I needed to share.

Dimitri Díaz.

Mission Promoter. International Dominican Youth Movement

When I was 14, there were things I could not understand… why youth would leave a halfway reality, with no commitment, and avoiding injustice.

Since these early stages I seeked that the youth would change this perspective of life… their life. That was my mission, or at least I interpreted it that way.

For seven years, Dominican friars of my parish shared with me their wisdom and experience. And through that I also fell in love with Jesus.

I felt that something burned inside me, that I needed to share. I began to teach confirmation catechism and, with that, I met not only apathic youth towards injustice, corruption, but also mad towards Jesus. I can’t generalize, of course, but I was worried (and will always be) for those youths that didn’t find a friend in Jesus… their friend.

27. Senti que algo ardia en mi 1

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