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We have prepared a series of monthly issues of the Dominican Jubilee theme for this year: The Dominican Laity and Preaching. We invite you to reflect with them every month about what it means to be young lay preachers. Each month we will publish an article by a member of the Dominican Family.

Psychology of the Youth - 1 by International Dominican Youth Movement


First African Congress of Dominican Youths

To the glory of God the 1st ever African Congress of Dominican Youths took place at the Adoration Monastery, Oyun Village, Kwara State in Nigeria from July 28 to August 3 2014. The Dominican Young Hearts Movement (DYHM) used the celebration of their 6th National Congress and 3rd General Active Members Assembly to invite other DYM groups in Africa to set up together a regional structure that will facilitate interaction, formation and common mission and voice for Africa. The theme of the Congress was: Re-discovering the enduring treasures of Dominican spirituality: Towards a Personal Transformation for Mission in Africa. - See more at: http://www.op.org/en/content/nigeria-hosts-1st-african-congress-dominican-youths#sthash.mAVUJ6DE.dpuf


Young Dominican Preachers Gather For Virtual MeetingOn the precipice of the Aug. 8 feast day of St. Dominic, local chapters of the Dominican Young Adults (DYA) met on Saturday, Aug. 2 in New York at Molloy College and St. Thomas Aquinas College, in Chicago, in Michigan at Siena Heights University, and even in Kenya, Africa (special appearance by Br. Lorenzo Laorden, OP doing mission work there). Connecting via technology, more than 20 young adults were able to gather nationally without paying a cent! - See more at: http://www.op.org/en/content/young-dominican-preachers-gather-virtual-meeting#sthash.j7njysfY.dpuf


Dominican HS Conference US
A record number of participants—more than 100 students, along with their adult leaders—attended the 16th Annual 
Dominican High Schools Preaching Conference June 27–July 2 at Siena Heights University and the Adrian Dominican motherhouse campus. Participants represented approximately 30 Dominican and affiliated high schools from across the United States and Puerto Rico. Read more... 

To include your country's activities or updates, please e-mail IDYM International Commission Promoter of Communications, Sean Mundy, at communications.idym@gmail.com


The Dominican Network of Schools, Colleges and Universities held its 2014 National Convention at the Multi – Purpose Hall of the AMV-College of Accountancy, University of Santo Tomas last January 29 to 31. Attended by 175 school heads, administrators and students, the Convention focused on the theme “Catching the Fire of St. Dominic… Lighting the Path to New Evangelization”.

Read further at: http://opphil.org/ph/domnet-2014-national-convention-in-ust-manila/


The New International Commission of the IDYM

International Commission of IDYM with fr Bruno Cadoré

The International Assembly of Representatives of the Dominican Youth Movements was held on 16 and 17 July, 2013 in Bogota, Colombia, with the participation of representatives from the United States, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Brazil, the Philippines, Nigeria, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Granada, Italy and Venezuela. We also had a virtual presence of representatives from the Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Central Africa.

With the reorganization of the IDYM, a new International Commission was inaugurated and its officials were elected. The following are the new members of the International Commission.

International Coordinator: Jose Alberto de Blas (Spain)
International Promoter for Formation: Lyamar Diaz-Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
International Promoter for Communication: Sean Mundy (USA)
International Promoter for Missions: Leonardo De Laquila (Brazil)
International Promoter for Finance: Daniel Toledo (Guatemala)

The new International Commission will work directly with the Promoter General for the Laity, fr Rui Carlos Antunes e Almeida Lopes.

Profile of the International Commission of the IDYM

José Alberto de Blas Moncalvillo (Spain) - International Coordinator

He is 33 and does online project work with the Internet Office of the Dominicans in Spain. He has also worked with San Martin de Porres Foundation in Madrid and the NGO Action Verapaz. He grew up in the faith in the youth group of Santo Cristo del Olivar Parish, Madrid. As a Dominican youth, he has been part of the World Youth Days celebrations and the International Commission of the IDYM for many years.

Lyamar Diaz- Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) – Promoter for Education

She is 24 and currently in her final year as an undergraduate student of Finance and Accounting. She had her first encounter as a Dominican youth at San Antonio College in Isabela. In 2007, she was part of the National Preaching Conference for Dominican Schools and Colleges in the United States and Puerto Rico. In 2011, she was chosen as a member of the Formation team responsible for the creation and training of Dominican youth groups in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. In 2012, she was also a volunteer for the rebuilding of homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Leonardo De Laquila (Brazil) – Promoter for Missions

He is 32 with a Degree in Ancient Music and Philosophy. He is the founder and president of the Dominican Youth Movement in Brazil. He has served as a volunteer with both the Vincentian Fathers and the Dominican Commission for Justice and Peace in Brazil. He is now a professor of religious education at the St Louis School of the Jesuits and St Catherine of Siena School of the Dominican Sisters.

Sean Mundy (USA) - Promoter for Communication

He is 25 and a teacher at St Pius V School, a Dominican Grammar School in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. He met the Dominicans at St Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, NY. At the college, he attended the “Preaching In Action” conference where he met several Dominicans and learned about Dominican Spirituality which helped to reinvigorate his faith. He is one of the founding members of the Dominican Youth Adults, USA and currently the National Coordinator of the Executive Board.

Daniel Eduardo Toledo (Guatemala) - Promoter for Finance

He is 27 and an undergraduate of Industrial Engineering. He is also an investor, entrepreneur, and professional coach and squash player. He is also studying theology in his Dominican parish. He is currently the assistant coordinator and Confirmation catechists for the Dominican youths in Guatamala. He has helped in the creation of several Dominican youth groups in many parts of Guatamala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.  


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