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We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”. Mother Theresa

For the missionary month of October, we as DYMZim carried out two charity activities. Our fist activity was to clean up one of the church offices at St John of Cologne Mass centre. We took the burden off the parish council by volunteering to clean the church office. We carried out this activity on the 8th of October 2016. As a way of doing charity work as well as acting upon one of our four Dominican pillars (Service), we used brooms and cleaning liquids to brush off the dirt of the office walls. This was a very tiring task but it brought us together as one strong group through good team work.  

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The Last year was very busy for our community, in particular we did various activities, many of which have been consolidated in those years already. We use the charity works to grow as a group, to strengthen our personal relationship and especially to be active Christians, and transform in this way our formation meetings in concrete works. 


The first mission, which we undertook in October 2015, was the fundraising and food collection for Sister Bianca, an Italian nun, who was transferred in Romania, near the ukrainian border, after many years of service in Bolzano, to performs service in a convent, that needs help for hospitality, education and care giving to children. At the end of the collection, we have loaded on a truck all the non-perishable food, some furnishings, clothes and other helpful objects. The collected money, instead, was deposited on the sister’s account, to help her with the payment of bills, teachers and perishable food. The food collection and the direct transport, with the thanksgiving photos of Sister Bianca near the arrived truck, helps a lot parishioner’s  confidence about donation.

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The youth group of the parish Madonna delle Rose was born in Turin, in the 90s, in order to meet the demands of the community to organize and manage activities for children and teenagers.

For this reason during the pastoral year, in addition to training sessions with Father Didier Baccianti, last year, and Father Mario Mazzoleni, this year, to spiritual retreats in special times of the year, of course considered essential to continue in spiritual growth, the youth group is responsible for organizing the start and conclusion of the pastoral year celebrations, the celebration of Carnival, the Summer center and summer camp for middle school boys, care for the children's catechism and after confirmation groups with the activities connected with them.

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By Sister Gina Fleming O.P.

     During the week of January 3rd-7th young adults from the New York chapter of the Dominican Young Adults USA came together to participate in a service project in Freeport an area that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and still has damaged houses in need of repair.

       At the build site the young adults had the opportunity to engage in all types of work.  Our task was to rebuild the interior of a garage badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  Our initial task was to take off the old sheet rock that was on the walls and replace it with new pieces. With the help of an experienced carpenter who worked along side us, the new sheetrock (on all of the walls and the ceiling) was up in two days. There was a lot of measuring, cutting, hammering, and nail driving that had to be done in a very confined area, but we felt very good when the tasks were done. The young adults had a variety of odd jobs which included cleaning, mudding, taping and sanding the walls and ceiling. There was much to do, but we were determined to do what was necessary to speed up the resettling of this family that once lived comfortably in this home.

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Last 12th of July, the young adults from the Dominican Youth Movement started their pilgrimage from Madrid to Toulouse (France), where their International Meeting will be held.

They have begun this trip to get to know the places in which Saint Dominic of Guzman spent time during their life, on the occasion of the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the confirmation of the foundation of the Order, December the 22nd, 1216, by Pope Honorius III.

The first place to visit has been the “Real Convento de Santo Domingo” of the Dominican nuns and the Cave of Saint Dominic, in Segovia, a chapel where Dominic revive the Passion of the Lord and where the group has prayed for a successful pilgrimage.

The history of the Dominican Order remembers with deep meaning the gesture of its founder in Palencia. “I do not want to study dead skins, while people are dying of hunger’. This is why, before resting in Caleruega, visited the Convent of “San Mateo” and the Foundation “San Martín” with the company of Fr Luis Miguel García, OP.

The second day started in the place where it all begun, surrounded by walls and wheat fields. Caleruega woke up these 14 young pilgrims coming from Guatemala, Paraguay, Venezuela and different cities in Spain in order to visit the “Real Convento de Santo Domingo” of Caleruega and the well where the Saint was born. They also stopped in the village of Gumiel de Izan, a place where Saint Dominic studied with his uncle Gonzalo and arrived to the Benedictine Abbey of “Santo Domingo de Silos”, where Juana de Aza, Dominic’s mother, went to find help to understand his dream: the dog with the burning torch in his mouth. This closed the cycle of Dominic’s childhood.

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XII IDYM International Meeting Toulouse - 2016

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Toulouse is the land where a new voice began to announce the Gospel. Today, 800 years later, this same land has received more than 130 young Dominicans from Asia, Africa, America and Europe, to celebrate the Dominican Jubilee together, in the eighth centenary after the canonical approval of the Order of Preachers, founded by Saint Dominic of Guzmán in this region.

"Here we were born and our vocation takes here a special sense" with these words, fr Rui Lopes promoter of the Dominican Laity, received participants of the XII Meeting of the International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM).

"Young Dominicans sent to preach the Gospel" was the motto that accompanied the IDYM meeting from July 16 to 21. Fr Rui remembered in the welcoming Eucharist that preaching is not giving speeches or lectures, but preaching is to love and to lead others to happiness, it is to love the world and its people, and that Dominican preaching is born primarily from contemplation.

During the meeting, young people visited Fanjeaux and Prouilhe, the cradle of the Holy Preaching, it was an opportunity to be in the foundations of St. Dominic, they prayed there and shared with the Dominican nuns, listening to their experiences of living in the place where it all began. From Fanjeaux, they made pilgrimage to Montreal, and passing through Carcassonne, they returned to Toulouse.

On the study day, the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadoré, greeted the participants via Skype from the General Chapter of Bologna (Italy), he reminded them, that young people are not only passive agents, but protagonists in the mission of preaching.

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